Content: ebooks,videos,articles,software and much more

If you are looking for ebooks,videos,software,articles or graphics the PLR is a very viable option.

Private Label Rights (otherwise known as PLR) makes the creation of articles and books very easy. On the Internet nowadays it is very important to have good quality, unique content.

There are a number of ways to do this:

1 Write the article or book yourself. I have done this as I enjoy writing, but it can be very time consuming.

2 Hire somebody to write the articles or books.

This certainly cuts down on your time but it can be very expensive.

3 Invest in PLR.

There are many sites that offer PLR as can be seen from the search engines.

On entering Private Label Rights into a search engine I found over 30 million results.

In this article and accompanying video I review a PLR product that I have used for some time, which I like for the following reasons:

  • It is very easy to find what you want with the excellent search facilities.
  • Products are being added regularly, which is important as things move so quickly on the Internet.
  • The range of products is so extensive.

Whereas many PLR sites offer just articles and ebooks, this product offers the following:

  • Over 6,000 ebooks-you can use these for knowledge or sell them
  • Over 1,400 videos
  • 1,271 software products for your own use or to be resold
  • Over 400 graphics packs
  • 160 audio packs
  • Over 20,000 PLR articles

In addition there are stock photos, which we all need quite frequently.

I use this site for the following purposes:

1 Give aways- we are all looking to give good quality products to entice people to join our subscriber list.

2 Training-there are lots of good ebooks and videos that you can use if you need to learn about a new subject.

3 Content for my postings on the Internet.

Whereas many PLR site concentrate on Internet Marketing products, this site offers a varied selection of niche markets.

In summary you should find enough on this site to populate your own web sites, and there are many products that you can sell.


For a free trial, please click on the link below :

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