5 simple actions that will make your day more positive

We all know that it is better to be positive if we want to succeed.

Some days,we may wake up and not feel very positive. 
This could be for a number of reasons :

We didn’t sleep very well
We have had some bad news
Physically,we are not very well
The weather is not very good

Or a host of other reasons
Equally there may be times when we cannot explain why we don’t feel bad

It is very easy to mope around and feel down all day.
However,that will not do us much good at all.

I have found it is quite easy to turn things round and become positive.
None of these things take very long.
They may seem simple and you may doubt them.

However,I have found that cumulatively they make a big difference.

Here are the actions I take

1 First thing in the morning I say to myself things like :

“I feel great today” 
“This is going to be a fantastic day”
“I am going to achieve so much today”

2 The first person I see to have a conversation with, when asked how I am,I reply :

“Today I feel absolutely fantastic,I am so looking forward to today.”
Very often the other person looks surprised,but after a while they
admit they are feeling a lot better.
This good feeling becomes contagious

3 Drink plenty of water  
This really is very important
A lack of water can really make you feel sluggish.
It accounts for 50-70% of our body weight and is crucial for most bodily functions.
In addition,up to 75% of the brain is made up of water.
It should be water and not hot drinks or fruit juices.

4 Walk for 20-30 minutes per day. 
This is one of my favourite past times.
I see people with their phones and music while out walking.
Personally, I leave my phone at home and just enjoy the fresh air.
This simple activity can re-invigorate you.
Also,if I have been doing some work that is quite intense, I find I relax on the walk
and mange to solve some issues I have been grappling with.
Frequently,I also come up with some new ideas.

5 Set 3 targets for the day. 
Personally, I am very target driven and I find my day is judged by what I have achieved.
If I need to be energised, I set 3 simple tasks that I need to achieve in the day.
I try to do these early in the day, as it sets me up for the rest of the day.

These 5 actions seem very simple,but they work for me.
Another thing to remember is that research shows that if you do the same thing for 21 days,it becomes a habit.
So try this for 3 weeks, and you may find that you automtically do them every day.

I would be interested in any feedback,once you have tried this.

3 thoughts on “5 simple actions that will make your day more positive

  1. Theo B. February 19, 2018 / 4:50 pm

    Loved the idea about setting 3 targets for the day! definitely something I plan on doing consistently


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