How to generate traffic using StumbleUpon

Another way of generating more traffic to your web site is to use        

If you have not used this site before, it is regarded as one of the top social media sites for driving   traffic to your web sites.

Like many of these sites, you need to create an account which is free.

Here are the steps to take :

1 Create an account

In the top right hand corner you can “Join For Free”.

Alternatively, you can sign in with your Facebook account.

2 Set up your profile

This is similar to other social media sites.

The most important step is to add your profile photo.

3 Add your interests

You will see lots of interests or you can search for your own interests.

Once you have your interests, you will see the number of people following those interests.

4 Connect to other accounts

Within your account you can connect to your other accounts :


Google +


This is well worth doing


As with most social media sites it is a matter of sharing and engagement.

In order to become more visible, there are a number of things that you can do.

5 Follow people in your niche(s)

Build this up gradually. You may find lots of good content among these people.

6 Like Pages

As you see articles that you like, give the thumbs up

7 Make Comments

If you see an article that you like, add a meaningful comment.

If it is interesting, other people will click on your link.


8 Add the stumble upon button to your browser

Go to

and follow the instructions

This will enable you to like blog posts that you see

9 Add the stumble button to your web site.

This will let other people share your content

According to this article

See Results of Sharing Buttons

BrightEdge Technologies found a dramatic increase in content sharing when this button was added to a web site.


In conclusion, posting to StumbleUpon should help for 2 main reasons :

1 It is a high ranking social media site,so the more articles you post on there the more the search engines will like your site.

2 You can attract visitors from the site itself.

Once you have selected your interests, your followers and those you are following are targeted.



This may seem like a lot of work, but it should bring it’s rewards in the long-term. In the short term, if you want to gain an advantage, the best thing to do is to post your article automatically onto StumbleUpon.

There are a number of plug ins that will do this for you.

If you type into the search engine something like :

“wordpress plug ins to auto post to stumble upon”

You will find a number of solutions.

Make sure that you do the necessary due diligence on these plug ins.

The factors I consider are :

1 The number of downloads-you want to make sure,this has been downloaded more than a few times.

2 It has good reviews-look for 5 star ratings.

3 Recently updated -if the plug in has not been updated for several months or years,this is not a good sign.


Although there are lots of plug ins one that is quite popular is SNAP (Social Networks Auto Poster) from NextScripts, which will allow you to post to many different social media sites automatically from your WordPress site.


As usual, if you have any questions or comments, please contact me.












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