How to use YouTube Live to convert prospects into clients

Until YouTube live was available , every video would be made and then uploaded to YouTube, when it would become available almost immediately.  

That has worked very well but then YouTube started to test streaming videos in real time. Initially it was tested with events like a U2 concert, a Barrack Obama speech and the Indian Cricket League.


Let’s consider the benefits of YouTube Live :

1 You can share live events with your audience.

For example, if you have a new product release you can let your audience be part of the experience by letting them comment.

This can be very useful as it is effectively market testing your product.

The feedback you get from such sessions can be invaluable in your product launch.

2 Credibility

You can share with your audience the product launch sequence going from concept through various phases until the product is completed.

3 Improved rankings in YouTube

It is true that you can dramatically improve your chances of being on Page 1 of YouTube with live streaming.

I have personal experience and can report that I have been on Page 1 of YouTube inside of 1 day.

It is fair to state that this was not achieved purely by using live streaming. In addition to streaming, I did my research on the tags I needed to use and also wrote a description of over 400 words.


In the accompanying video, we show how to stream your video live.

Although it is not particularly difficult, there are a number of products being released which will make life much easier for you.


There are now solutions available which will let you schedule your video for streaming in the future. Not only that but you will also be able to stream variations of your video.

The end result is that you could have 10 or more videos streamed to YouTube.

This is a very powerful tool which could see you with a number of videos on page 1 of YouTube.

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