How would you like to run your business in less than 20 minutes a day

There is no doubt that the Internet has given many of us the opportunity to earn an extra income working from home.

Although there is huge potential, it is estimated that 95% of Internet marketers do not make any money at all. There are many reasons for this, but hopefully here we have provided a system that will help you make money without too many complications.

In order to make money online you need the following:

1 A web site where you can offer your product/service.

2 Some customers who are willing to buy your offering. On the Internet, this is often referred to as traffic.

3 An autoresponder so you can send out messages to your potential clients.

4 A sequence of messages to convert your subscribers into clients.

Let’s look at these requirements:

1 A web site

A few years ago this would have been beyond most Internet marketers. However,technology has advanced and products like WordPress have made it easier to develop web sites.

Although this is the case, there is still a lot of work involved.

The web site needs good sales copy, a landing page, a contact form as well as a number of things. Although you may be able to do this, there is also the cost of hosting. All in all there is considerable time and financial investment required.


With our system you have your own successful web site.

2 Customers

If you speak to most Internet marketers, they will tell you that one of the biggest challenges is traffic. Finding enough people who want to buy your offering is key to your success.

There are currently lots of solutions available including free and paid traffic. It can be a time consuming and expensive exercise to find the right solution for you.


With this system we deliver 100 leads per day.

If you are successful you could receive 200 leads per day.

Over the year you could receive between 35,000 and 70,000 leads per annum.

Most Internet marketers will tell you that you should be able to earn a reasonable income with that many subscribers.

3 An autoresponder

This is an essential tool for any Internet marketer. If you take the example above, it would not be possible to email 35,000 subscribers without an autoresponder.

There are a number of solutions available on the marketplace, some are free and some you have to pay for. Either way there is an investment of time to learn how to use the autoresponders.


Within the system you have an autoresponder which you can use to run your business. Please watch the video and see how easy it is to use the autoresponder.

4 A sequence of messages

It is very rare that somebody will buy your offering after the first message.

It is estimated that it can take 4-7 messages 9or even more) before somebody decides to buy.

It takes real skill to write these messages. If you employ a copywriter, it can be expensive.


Within the system, there are a number of messages which have been tested, and have helped to convert leads into clients.


If you genuinely want to earn an income online, you should seriously consider this all-in-one solution.

There have been many successes, and you could be one such success.

Please watch this video for proof, then CLICK HERE for further details









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