How to get more traffic to your site by writing good content

If you are involved in blogging or you are developing your own web site, you may well be looking to earn money off the Internet. You probably have a great idea so you go ahead and write lots of great content. You are convinced this is what people want, so you sit back and wait for the traffic to arrive.

Unless you are really lucky, it is unlikely you will see the flood of traffic that you anticipated. There are a number of reasons for this, the first of which is that content is only the first step in attracting those targeted visitors you are so desperate you need for your success.

Let’s look at some of the factors that will help you to succeed:


As we have mentioned, content is the first step you need to take. Many people write their content for the search engines. By this I mean they look at factors like keyword density, which is the number of times your keyword (s) appear in your article. At one stage this was very important, but the search engines realised that people were exploiting the situation by adopting tactics called “keyword stuffing”. Literally this meant inserting your main keyword phrase in the article a lot of times.

Ideally your article should be informative, in demand and relevant. If you write content that satisfies these conditions, there is a good chance that your readers will stay on your web site and will interactive with you.

What to include in your article:

As many of you are involved in Internet Marketing, the main type of article that attracts a lot of visitors is one that solves a problem.

Theses include:

How do I attract more visitors to my web site?

What’s the easiest way to earn money on the Internet?

How do I get my video seen on YouTube?

If you want to attract a lot of visitors, it is advisable that you are solving an issue for many people. Rather than guess, one of the sites I use is:

Here you will see the type of issues that people are trying to resolve.

Look at some of the questions and see how many people are watching. If it is a major issue then a lot of people will be following it, so it is worth trying to provide a solution.

For example, I have just seen somebody ask on Quora :

“How do I promote my video on YouTube?”

What you can do here is research this topic and then write an article in reply to the question. If people like your answer they will click on your link back to your web site.

For further details on Quora CLICK HERE

There are various debates as to how long the article should be. The consensus of opinion is that it should be 1,000 to 1,500 words.

Relevant and topical content

It may sound obvious but your content should be topical. You need to watch the trends and try to provide solutions in topical, growing markets. For example, if you are involved in Internet Marketing, you will know that YouTube has been very popular and shows no sign of slowing down. If you can learn about YouTube then you will be involved in a growing market.

Conversely if we look at article directories, these were very popular a few years ago when it was suggested that in order to rank high in the search engines, you needed to submit your content to the major article directories. Most marketers will tell you that article directories do not have the influence that they did a few years ago. Therefore, it may not be a good idea to spend too much time on learning about article directories.

How To Improve Your Knowledge

If we take the example above and you decide to learn more about YouTube you probably want to know how to learn more.

Firstly, one great place is YouTube itself. If you search on:

“How to promote my video on YouTube?” you will find so many different answers, and all the answers are free.

A site that I use is

You will normally have to pay for these courses, but very often there are promotions available which make the courses very affordable.

I have just searched on the YouTube phrase above and found over 6,300 courses available. Against each offering you can see the ratings, comments as well as the number of people who have taken the course. It is worth looking through the options to find the right one for you. I would suggest going for a course that has attracted a lot of readers and is highly rated.

I like Udemy as the training is video based which is my preferred way of learning. Very often you will be able to preview the first few videos. This is well worth doing as you will quickly see if the style of the supplier is right for you.


When I mention keywords many people switch off or find it too complicated.

There is a lot to keywords and Search Engine Optimization and it is not possible to cover it in this article.

If you are involved in Internet Marketing and you have written an article or made a video on how to make money online, the chances of ranking for that key phrase is not very high. Just looking at google there are over 3 billion competitors for this search term.

There are lots of tools available to help you with keyword analysis but the best thing to do is expand the search phrase and use what are known as long tailed keywords. For example if you used:

“How to make money online without investing anything” there are 263 million results. That is still too many but if you continue to drill down you will find a search term that you can use.

You can use a free tool called Google Keyword Planner which will help you further.


There are many other ways to help your blog or web site being found, but the more you have to do, the more complex things become.

Personally, I write an article for my own web site and I normally make a video which I load onto YouTube.

I also post to a number of sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, LinkedIn as well as Blogger. More information on these can be found on this site.

Good luck with your site.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact me.






Content: ebooks,videos,articles,software and much more

If you are looking for ebooks,videos,software,articles or graphics the PLR is a very viable option.

Private Label Rights (otherwise known as PLR) makes the creation of articles and books very easy. On the Internet nowadays it is very important to have good quality, unique content.

There are a number of ways to do this:

1 Write the article or book yourself. I have done this as I enjoy writing, but it can be very time consuming.

2 Hire somebody to write the articles or books.

This certainly cuts down on your time but it can be very expensive.

3 Invest in PLR.

There are many sites that offer PLR as can be seen from the search engines.

On entering Private Label Rights into a search engine I found over 30 million results.

In this article and accompanying video I review a PLR product that I have used for some time, which I like for the following reasons:

  • It is very easy to find what you want with the excellent search facilities.
  • Products are being added regularly, which is important as things move so quickly on the Internet.
  • The range of products is so extensive.

Whereas many PLR sites offer just articles and ebooks, this product offers the following:

  • Over 6,000 ebooks-you can use these for knowledge or sell them
  • Over 1,400 videos
  • 1,271 software products for your own use or to be resold
  • Over 400 graphics packs
  • 160 audio packs
  • Over 20,000 PLR articles

In addition there are stock photos, which we all need quite frequently.

I use this site for the following purposes:

1 Give aways- we are all looking to give good quality products to entice people to join our subscriber list.

2 Training-there are lots of good ebooks and videos that you can use if you need to learn about a new subject.

3 Content for my postings on the Internet.

Whereas many PLR site concentrate on Internet Marketing products, this site offers a varied selection of niche markets.

In summary you should find enough on this site to populate your own web sites, and there are many products that you can sell.


For a free trial, please click on the link below :

Article Writing-7 steps to get you started

I have written this article because good quality content has become increasingly important on the Internet and I am passing on my own experiences. This article will not turn you into an author overnight, but it is meant to demonstrate how you can start to write an article.

Why is content so important?
If you have been on the Internet in the last few months/years you will have seen the phrase “content is king”. This refers to the fact that the major search engines frequently change their algorithms which means new factors become more important in getting high rankings in these search engines.
Over the years there have been all sorts of factors such as exact match domains, page rank, back linking, social bookmarking,etc.
Throughout all of this one of the most important factors remains good quality content and this will become more important. This was re-iterated by Matt Cutts of google in a recent video in which he was asked about back linking and content. He was very careful to say that back linking will remain very important for the next few years BUT good quality content will be even more important.

Here are the steps that I use to write an article:

1 Select a subject that you like or know something about
This may sound obvious, but if you are looking to build a site that will last for years, as you will be writing content it will be easier to continue the momentum if you have the passion.

2 Select a topic that changes frequently
It is easier to continue to write fresh content if there are lots of changes. One good example is Internet Marketing, where it can be difficult to keep up with the changes.
For me another good example is sport, which I follow daily. One particular sport I really like is association football, where there is so much happening on a daily basis. Recently there was an incident in English football where I read a very good article in the press. In fact, I was so impressed with the article that I did some research and wrote to the correspondent who kindly wrote back and complimented me on my article.
That gave me an idea, where I could build a soccer web site, write a monthly newsletter and invite readers to comment. If you listen to the radio you will always find people who are passionate about their clubs and players and want to air their views.
Bingo-I build a soccer web site, write topical articles, invite readers to comment and monetize the site. What better way to make money than from doing something that I enjoy.

3 Write about what you have learnt
Most of what I have learnt about Internet marketing is self-taught.
For example, a year ago I knew nothing about video marketing although I knew it was very important.
I set about learning by researching and watching FREE training on the Internet, as a result of which I now make videos in different formats.
That set me thinking that I should write an article on the subject and make a video. Initially, I was reluctant, as you may be, as I thought, “Other people know a lot more than I do”.
That is true but the experts will not necessarily walk you through the basics.

4 Research
Fortunately, there is so much information available on the Internet. Be careful, as you cannot copy other people’s work but you can look for ideas.
For example, if you are interested in dog training, type that into one of the search engines and you will be inundated with ideas. Look in forums, article directories,wikipedia, google news, etc.
I am a big fan of the amazon kindle and you can find lots of free ebooks, which will give you ideas.

5 Break the subject down into chapters
This will make the task easier, remember the quotation:
“The journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step”
For example if you are writing an article on Search Engine Optimization, you might have the following chapters:

1 Introduction
2 What is SEO?
3 What are the benefits of SEO?
4 How you can use SEO
5 Conclusion

6 Style
This is very important. You are not writing an article for the national press, so it is a less formal style. Don’t worry too much at this stage about perfect grammar-just get the ideas down on paper.

Although people are prepared to read a long book, their attention span reduces on the Internet. Break the article down into short sentences and short paragraphs.
Tell the reader about your own experiences-you may not think this is important but it is. You are showing that you are human and they feel that “you are one of them”.
Use quotations. I have just gone to the search engines and found this quotation by Robert Benchley:

“It took me fifteen years to discover I had no talent for writing, but I couldn’t give it up because by that time I was too famous”.

7 Leave the article overnight
Once you have written the article leave it overnight as it will look different tomorrow and you may wish to change it.
Also you may have some more ideas. I confess that I have woken in the middle of the night and wrote some ideas on a pad. How sad is that?

I hope you found this useful in helping you to write articles.
Normally the article only needs to be 400-500 words, but this one is over 800 words and I wrote it in just under the hour.

Here is a video I have made :