How to add menus in WordPress

A number of people have asked me how to manage menus in WordPress.
This is relatively easy to do, and in order to show you how to do it,I have made a short video.

Personally,I like the horizontal menu across the top of the screen.
I then like sub-menus so that people can see, at a glance,what is on my site.

Your theme and menu location may be different.
However,you can still use the same method.

If you have any questions,please let me know.


How to find keywords using a FREE tool

When we write an article, we use keywords in the hope that the article will be found by people searching on the Internet.

Let’s consider google for now as it is the most popular search engine.
If you are in the weight loss business, you may consider the following keyword phrase :

“How to lose weight ?”
As of February 2018 there are over 14 million searches, so the chances of being found are not that great.
The search engines will be dominated by established businesses and organizations with very large budgets.
Take a look at the first page.

However,there is still hope as we can find keyword phrases with less competition, and therefore more chance of being found.

There are a number of tools on the market that will do this work for you.
However,if you want a free tool, google offer keyword planner.
To see how you can use this,please watch this video below :


Affiliate marketing-how to find products on clickbank

If you’re involved in internet marketing you’ve probably heard of clickbank.
That’s, which is a very good site if you want to sell digital products.

In selecting a product to sell these are the points that I consider:

1 Select something that you know about or are passionate about.

Apart from the obvious Internet marketing, you may be interested in sports, personal development, gardening or a host of other niches.

This may seem obvious but some people just chase the money without knowing anything about the subject. If you do this, you will eventually you’ll get fed up and you’ll run out of steam.

2 You need to do make sure that it’s a good sales page. Ask yourself whether you would buy from this yourself .If so, there’s a good chance that other people will also buy the product.

3 Check that the product is selling well otherwise there’s no point in selling a product that  nobody wants . This is found in the gravity, all of which is included in the video below .

4 Another very important point is the affiliate page.You need to make sure that you’re going to be well supported on this product so if you look at the affiliate page and you see banners and email swipes then there’s a good chance that this is well supported product.

5 Also,if possible, go for something will a rebill. This means that people will pay monthly, which means you will receive a monthly commission.

These are the things that I look for,all of which I cover in the video below :


The many uses of google

Like many people I mainly think of google as a search engine.

However there are many other useful applications that you can use for your blog. These are as follows:


Ok we are all aware that gmail exists but there are some good reasons to have a gmail account the main 2 being as follows:

A If you have a blog or web site you must have a gmail account.

Even if you have done all the SEO on your site you are unlikely to be recognised by google until your site is verified. This is not very complicated, you use google Webmaster tools to generate a verification code for your site, then all you need to do is put this verification code onto your web site, and you can then use the google Webmaster tools to analyse your traffic.

There are a number of plug ins that make it very easy to put the verification code onto your blog.

You can use your gmail account to do the bing verification.

B If you have more than one email address, which many of us do, gmail makes things very easy. Let’s imagine that you have gmail account 1,gmail account 2 and a hotmail account.

Firstly you can receive all 3 emails into 1 gmail account so you only have to log into 1 account, rather than 3 accounts.

In addition you can reply to all 3 email account from the 1 gmail account.

For example, you may log into gmail account 1 and find you have a hotmail message. From the gmail account you can reply to the hotmail message, but the recipient will see that the message has come from hotmail.

That is a very useful feature.

Google Drive

If you want to back up your data and/or have more than 1 computer this is very useful.

I’m sure we have all experienced a computer malfunction and have found that we haven’t backed up the data.

It is possible to back up to 5 Gb of data free of charge with google drive.

Personally I have a desktop where I store most of my data and a laptop, which I use in various locations.

The beauty of google drive is that it is possible to access that data wherever you are. If you make change it is possible to synchronise the data.


Google Docs

This is a very good application.

This will enable you to create documents with images, tables, equations, drawings and links. If you don’t want to go to the expense of having a product like MS Word, this is a very good alternative.

Google Sheets

This really is a very good product for creating spreadsheets.

If you have used MS Excel, you will find it is very similar.

Google Slides

Here you can create slides with the editor, which supports such things as embedded videos and animations.


Google does have other applications (including YouTube) but these are the ones that I use most.

In summary the main advantages are:

1 The products are free to use- a very important point when comparing the costs of other spreadsheets and word processing applications.

2 The applications can be accessed from any remote location

There is no need to back up data or carry a USB stick to use data on different computers.

3 Almost unlimited storage space

Although there is a limit on storage space, this can be overcome by having several google accounts.