How to check an Instagram account

When you have an Instagram account there are a number of ways of growing your followers. 
One popular way is to advertise on a large account in your niche.

For example,if the account has 500,000 followers then each post will normally attract a lot of interest.
The engagement is measured by likes and comments.

Your post will be on the account for a time determined between you and the seller.
By advertising ,your post will attract interest and hopefully result in extra followers and/or extra business.

There are a number of ways of finding these accounts.
One way is to look at accounts in your niche and if they are advertising, that will be outlined in their bio.

Sometimes you will be approched by accounts who will offer their services.

However the account is found,it is necessary to look beneath the service.

Just because the account has a large number of followers doesn’t mean that it is good for advertising.
There are a number of things to consider :

The engagement on each post.This can easily be found by hovering the cursor over the post.
You will see the number of likes and the number of comments.

We must also check that the the number of followers is growing consistently, i.e. by a similar amount every day.
Also the number of following.
If there are wild fluctuations in these numbers the account is probably using a bot to follow/unfollow.

Instagram is not in favour of this approach and it also means the followers are probably worthless.

Fortunately there is a site call socialblade which allows you to check these numbers.

Please watch the video below and let me know if you have any questions.

How to add hashtags in Instagram

In Instagram,hashtags are very important. 
In the same way that keywords and keyword phrases are how your site is found in the search engines, hashtags are how your posts are found in Instagram.

The explore page is where you want your posts to appear.
On this page,there are 9 posts for each hashtag.

In the video,I outline the best hashtags to use.
For example, if you are involved in the motivation niche there are over
132 million posts. If you have a new account,there is very little chance of appearing on the
Explore page. As you have up to 30 hashtags,that is a waste of one hashtag.

Please watch the video on how I suggest you use hashtags.
if you have any questions,please let me know.

Why Instagram ?

For some time, I have been using Instagram and I would like to outline the reasons for using Instagram. 

Although Instagram was only formed in 2010, it has created quite an impact, so much so that it was acquired in 2012 by Facebook for 1 billion dollars. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider using Instagram:


1 Popularity– if you are going to invest time you want to make sure that the platform is popular. This is certainly true of Instagram which has 500 million active daily users and 700 million active monthly users.

2 Visual-you have heard the term “A picture paints a thousand words”. As that is the case Instagram does well because it is all about photos and videos.

3 Easy to use-whenever you are out I’m sure you have seen the number of people using their mobile phones. Instagram takes advantage of this trend as it was developed as a mobile application. It is so easy to take a photo or video and post it onto Instagram instantly.

4 Social-you can display your photos, and you can like a photo as well as make a comment. You can follow other accounts so you can keep up to date on their activities, and other accounts can follow you.

5 Engaging platform-according to Forrester Research, Instagram generates 120 times more followers than twitter. This is important as your followers are your potential customers.

6 Average selling price- according to an e-commerce report, the average selling price on Instagram is $64, compared to $55 on Facebook and $46 on twitter.

7 Potential to make money-56% of Instagram users make $50,000 or more per annum. As you can see, there is good money-making potential.

Hopefully, you can see the potential of Instagram.

I will be making more posts on Instagram,due to the interest.






How to add a thumbnail on your YouTube video

It is predicted that by 2019 , as much as 80% of the traffic on the Internet will be video.
If this is true,it is important to make use of videos now.
There are a number of video sites,but the largest is YouTube.  

When you’re making a YouTube video the thumbnail is very important .
Basically this is the first opportunity that people will see your video, so you need to make it quite appealing in order for them to click on it now as opposed to the thousands of others.

If you leave it to YouTube, the site will pick an image from your video which may not be very appealing.

What I do is a use a number of different sites to basically have a custom thumbnail.
I personally use pixabay ( ) where I find an appealing image .
These are free and of a very high quality.
I will download this image to my disk.

Then I upload this image into canva ( )where I can basically define it as a YouTube thumbnail which makes it the right size.
I then add any appropriate text and download it to my disk.

I then go to YouTube where I upload the image as a custom thumbnail.

All of this is explained in the video below.

I hope you find it useful.


Is Snapchat the new Facebook ?

Nowadays technology is moving so fast that it is essential for the leading players to keep up to date otherwise they will be overtaken by one of the emerging companies.
One of the newer companies is Snapchat and people are asking the question:

” Is Snapchat the new Facebook ?”

Snapchat was started in 2011 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown at Stanford University.
The original idea was to create an application which would allow users to share images thjat were short-lived and self-deleting.

Because the photos are short-lived these would normally be fun photos.
As is often the case with new technology the uses very often broaden from the original idea.
Snapchat evolved into a mix of private messaging and public content including live events such as sports and music.

The company grew quickly and in November 2012 users had shared over one billion photos with 20 million photos being shared every day.
New facilities continued to be added such as the ability to send video snaps in addition to photos in December 2012.

According to Snapchat’s own statistics, in May 2015 users were sending 2 billion videos per day which grew to 6 billion by November.
By 2016, the daily video views had grown to 10 billion.
In May 2016,the company raised $1.81 billion in equity, demonstrating the strong financial interest in the company.

In September 2016, Snapchat Inc. was re-branded as Snap Inc, and the company released Spectacles, which is a pair of smartglasses with a built-in camera that can record 10 seconds of video at a time.
These glasses are being sold in pop-up stores throughout the country.

Recent performance
In the third quarter of 2017,the company reported smaller than expected user growth and a 60% drop in advertising rates.
Revenue was $207.9 million,up 62% year-on-year,but below the $235.5 expected by analysts.
Snapchat added only 4.5 million new users versus the 8 million expected by analysts for the quarter.

In 2014, researchers from the University of Washington and Seattle Pacific designed a user survey group to try and understand why the application was being used.The findings were that users do not utilize Snapchat for sensitive content.
Rather it was used for applications such as “stupid faces” with 59.8% of respondents reporting  this use was the main reason for using Snapchat.
As a result,the study suggests that the success is not due to its security properties, but because users found the application fun to use.

Snapchat’s first paid advertisement was show to users in October 2014, which was a movie trailer for the horror film Ouija.
Like all companies, it recognizes the need for a revenue stream.
In 2015,McDonalds paid for a branded geofilter covering its restaurant locations in the United States.
Initiatives continued to earn revenue, one of which involved the National Football League to present live stories from selected games.
In 2016 the company announced a deal with NBC Olympics to allow stories from the 2016 Summer Olympics to be featured on Snapchat in the USA.
The stories covered a combination of footage from NBC,athletes and attendees.In addition,NBC sold advertising.

The Future
Snapchat is still a very young company, and since it’s listing it is experiencing what many young companies face :
Analyst expectations.

Because it is in a high growth sector,expectations are high,which can be cruel on the company.
In order to counter slow growth,the Snapchat app is being redesigned to make it “easier to use”.
There is no doubt that it has faced increasing competition from Instagram,which is owned by Facebook.

It will be interesting to see whether Snapchat can improve performance on it’s own.
Or,will it need to be taken over (like Instagram) in order to be able to have the financial backing to succeed ?
2018 will certainly be an interesting year for Snapchat.